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Kemp: Georgians’ Voices Matter Less during Pandemic

Breaking news! In a recent filing, Brian Kemp, the Governor of Georgia, has asserted that Georgians’ voices matter less during a pandemic.

In Matthew Charles Cardinale v. Brian Kemp (in his personal capacity), Cardinale, Original Complaint filed on June 25, 2020, he asserted in Paragraph 50: “The voices of the citizenry are no less important to the discourse of democracy, during a national pandemic.”

Brian Kemp, in his response filed on November 02, 2020, denied the “allegation.” “To the extent a response is required, Defendant denies the allegations,” Kemp responded through his attorney.

By denying that our voices are no less important during a pandemic, Kemp has asserted that our voices are, as a matter of fact, less important during a pandemic.

In other words, stay at home and shut up! Trust your government – your government has everything under control!

“I wasn’t expecting this particular statement of fact to be controversial. I was hoping this would be a place where the Governor and I could find common ground: our most sacred democratic values. But in his answer, Brian Kemp reveals that it was never an oversight; he just doesn’t want us protesting,” Cardinale says.


GoFundMe Launched to Support Lawsuit

Now that Brian Kemp has responded to the lawsuit, we have launched a GoFundMe fundraising page to help raise the funds needed to support this lawsuit.

The lawsuit, Cardinale v. Kemp, seeks for the court to declare that Kemp violated the Federal Constitution.

Matthew Charles Cardinale is representing himself pro se, after a long line of successful lawsuits.

This lawsuit seeks to raise money for the litigation expenses including court fees, court reporter costs for depositions, copies, etc.

If you believe our First Amendment, which secures our God-given rights, is worthy of a vigorous legal defense…

If you believe, unlike Governor Brian Kemp, that our voices are no less important during a pandemic…

If you are not willing to stay at home and shut up while the Government takes care of everything…


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Fox 5 Covers Lawsuit

Fox 5 Atlanta covered the filing of the original lawsuit.

The lawsuit challenges the Shelter-in-Place Order of Brian Kemp for failing to allow protesting, in violation of the First Amendment to the Federal Constitution and in violation of the Constitution of the State of Georgia.